About me

I’m Mario, entrepreneur, passionate about whiskey and rum since the first time I tried them.

It all started an October 15th, I was turning 16 years old, my grandfather had passed away recently, I was with my father in our house talking about grandpa. Dad was remembering about grandpa´s Whisky hobby and how much he liked it when suddenly took out a bottle and said: “Come son, we will toast for life.”whisky swing

He pulled out a Johnnie Walker Swing bottle. After tasting it; I felt the smell of smoke combined with soft fruity aroma, it started very smoothly and then he gave me those notes, I remember it as if it was yesterday.

After that experience being still a kid, I became very interested in the drink’s flavors and what was their elaboration process. I became very interested in many brands and types of whiskey like Glen Grant 10 years, Talisker Storm, The Glenrothes, Ballantine’s, Johnnie Walker, Chivas, just to mention a few ones.

That´s how started the idea of whiskybarclub.com, an online space to help you choose, with practical and simple analysis, the most suitable drink for you and for the occasion.

It is still a young website, in this online club you will find my recommendations, comparatives on everything related to the world of liquor. For me, it will be a pleasure to help you please your palate when deciding which drink to buy.

Thank you for reading my story, enjoy this website as much as I will enjoy developing it.