Which are the 3 best rums quality price in 2021?

Which are the 3 best rums quality price in 2021?

If you are one of those, like me, who loves drinks with character, how can you not love a good rum?; It is used for a variety of very famous cocktails such as Cuba Libre or Mojito.

Do you know how to choose the best rum brands? If you do not know how to choose it correctly, the consequences may be a strong hangover or a taste that does not associate with what you are looking for.

Rum is a complex drink, there is a different rum bottle for a specific time; some that you can drink dry and have a great flavor, others that you can mix, resulting in some extraordinary experiments. However, it is not so easy to differentiate them.

As you know, rum is typical from the Caribbean and Central America, depending on the country where it is produced it may have a different flavor and quality, although honoring the truth all brands have their excellent versions and those that are not so.

Here I recommend those who are considered the 3 best rums in quality price in 2021.

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 Zapaca rum
Zapaca 23
Centenario Rum
Santa Teresa 1796 Rum
Santa Teresa
1796 Rum
Brugal Rum
Brugal 1888
Gran Reserva Rum
OriginGuatemalaVenezuelaDominican Republic
TypeAged rumAged rumAged rum
MaturationMix of rums 6 to 23 yearsMix of rums 4 to 35 years14 years
SummaryComplex flavors of
sweet fruits and chocolate
Toasted and smoked with notes of
dark chocolate, honey, vanilla,
prune, tobacco and leather
Buttery and sweet with caramel,
demerara sugar, manuka honey
and smoke and wood strokes
Price Price Price Price

What’s the best rum?

Rum Brugal Gran Reserva 1888

It is a Dominican rum, belongs to the first distillery that was created in the country, in Puerto de la Plata. Its elaboration is a secret family recipe that has been transmitted through generations since 1888.


The Brugal Gran Reserva 1888, is a complex recipe that stimulates the senses, bottled at 40% alcoholic strength by volume; it is matured in American oak barrels that previously contained Bourbon for 14 years.

Is an aged rum, with a pure amber color; it has sweet aromas of roasted oak, grapes, dates, honey and a little smoked contribution by charred oak barrels.

Its flavor is typical of an aged, buttery, sweet caramel, honey, pieces of smoke and wood; maybe you can feel apple flavor and salted butter at the end.

Definitely noted for the wood taste, there are those who find it perfect for a cuba libre cooktail. For some users it is excessively dry, strong to smell and taste.

Recommended for dried citrus cocktails such as Cuba Libre, Santo libre and Daiquirí.

The good

  • Prolonged wood flavor.
  • Excellent for mojitos and pina coladas.

The bad

  • Excessively dry.
  • Strong to smell and taste.



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Rum santa teresa 1796

It is a Venezuelan rum, produced by the Hacienda Santa Teresa, in the center of the country, which is born from the mixture of aged rums between 4 and 35 years.


Santa Teresa 1976 is made using the old solera method, an artisanal process in oak barrels that had traditionally been reserved for brandy and Spanish sherry.

It is one of the best aged rums you will taste, with a firm body but at the same time delicate.

It has a reddish amber color, with a fruity aroma and honey notes and bitter chocolate. Its flavor is sweet and complex, you can appreciate tobacco, leather, roasted and smoked; the oak in which it is aged brings all these attributes.

It stands out for being easy to drink, even if you are not used to drink dry, it is very soft. For some, their thin side is smoky notes, they say they get lost very quickly.

Ideal to drink pure, on the rocks or with gasified water. If you want to prepare a cocktail I recommend it to mix it with a little soda and lemon juice.

The good

  • Easy to drink
  • Very soft.

The bad

  • The wood flavor disappears quickly.



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Rum zapaca centenario 23

It’s a Guatemalan rum, from the city of Quezaltenango, a mountainous area in the west where the Santa María volcano is located.


The Zapaca Centenario 23 Solera rum is aged to perfection, at a height of 2300 meters above sea level.

It is an aged rum, born from the mixture of rums from 6 to 23 years old; has won the best rum of the world for 5 consecutive years at the International Rum Tasting and has been included in the Rum Hall of Fame.

With a mahogany color with reddish tones, it has aromas of vanilla, honey nuts and orange peel.

The taste is spectacular, it is definitely one of the best rums in the world, you can see roasted caramel, spiced oak and raisins.

It stands out for its flavor, I could even have breakfast with it, complex and very easy to drink.

I find it very difficult to find an inconvenience, perhaps the price, but it is worth every money you are paying.

I recommend that you drink it pure or with a little ice in a short glass, you can better appreciate the aroma. It’s considered the best rum with cigars

There are those who recommend it in cocktails, it’s a matter of trying and seeing how you like it best.

The good

  • Rum Hall of Fame.
  • Very tasty.
  • Complex and very easy to drink.

The bad

  • It’s really hard to say something bad about this rum. But there are those who find it expensive.



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Other rum recomendations

Kraken Black Spiced Rum

It’s made in Trinidad and Tobago; the Kraken blacked spiced Rum is aged in oak barrels for 12 to 14 months. It’s a black type rum and with added spices.

Kraken blacked spiced rum
Near 13 exotic spices have been added in its preparation; its color is dark, it has a caramel and spice aroma.

For the taste, the cinnamon, vanilla and the nuts stand out. It ends with a spicy touch that goes away too fast.

Its strengths are, it has a striking bottle, it’s really good to make cocktails and has a different taste than the traditional rums

Its weaknesses are, it can be cloying and there are some who claim it has too many spices.

A great variety of cocktails can be created with this rum, like the Toucan and the Sea Monster Mai Tai.


  • Striking bottle.
  • Great for cocktails and flavor.
  • Best rum for dark and stormy.
  • Spiced rum.


  • It can get cloying.
  • Too many spices.




Rum Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva

It is a Venezuelan rum from the Planas Valley, located in the foothills of the Cordillera de los Andes, where the raw material with which it is made is grown.


The Exclusive Diplomatico Reserva is a complex and elegant rum made from the combination of sugar cane molasses; it is distilled in old copper stills and aged in oak barrels for 12 years. Furthermore, you can identify the word “Reserve” on the label, to confirm it.

It is aged rum, has a very striking amber color. It has a maple syrup aroma, orange peel, brown sugar and roasted caramel. Its flavor is sweet and caramelized; Noted for being pleasant and prolonged on the palate.

Its main drawback is that it can be very sharp at first, you may need a little to get used to the taste.

Recommended for cocktails, the same manufacturer recommends the Old Fashioned and the Sazeac. I particularly love it with ice, soda and a touch of lemon juice.

The good

  • Long taste
  • Excellent for cocktails

The bad

  • It can be very strong if you drink it pure or on the rocks.



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Which are the best rums in the world?

This is one of the most common questions I hear at the bar, people ask at least once a week, the truth is that there is no correct answer. It all depends on the tastes of each one, how you like to drink it, if you are going to make a cocktail, what kind of rum it is and what flavor you enjoy most.

What should I consider before selecting the best rum to buy?

Before buying it, consider first how you want to drink it, a good rum aged by 23 years is not the same as a simple white rum to drink a mojito. There are certain important factors to take in consideration.

Types of rum

  • White Rum: The main feature of this is that it is colorless and not aged, this rum is the basis of the industry. This type of rum is sweet and with little aroma, they are not very good to drink pure; It is more suitable for preparing cocktails such as punch, Daiquirí, Mojito and Cuba Libre.
  • Golden Rum: It is bright amber, aged in wood for a long time; does not filter, caramel is added to make it the most intense color. Its flavor is a little more intense than white, they are ideal as digestive and for sweet aroma they are used in pastries.
  • Black Rum: It is dark, unlike the others it is distilled, it is black due to the dyes that are added when it is aged. This is one of the sweetest, if you’ve ever tried molasses, that’s what it tastes like.
  • Aged rum: It is one of the most popular, they usually have an aging time of 3 to 6 years; you will see on its label “Gran Reserva”, “Reserva”, “Extra Añejo”. They are perfect to drink in more complex cocktails, they are much tastier; Also, you can drink them pure or with ice, but they are strong.
  • Premium Rum: This generally refers to what each brand considers of its best, has different quality controls, come from mixtures of fine rums, aged by time, with spicy flavors. it depends on each distillery and the master who creates them.

Where is best rum made?

Rum is produced in many parts of the world, its raw material is sugar cane. Although this is not native to the Caribbean and Central America, is where the most popular and tastiest ones rums come from.

Who makes the best rum in the world? My favorites are those from Venezuela, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic; but as I always tell you, it’s a matter of taste.

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