How is Whisky served?

como servir el whisky

How is Whisky served? Quick Guide about how is whisky served Serving Whisky is a matter of taste, there are those who like it neat, on the rocks, or some like it with a little bit of soda, with ginger ale like me; in short, I’ve seen many varieties. Although it’s true, that’s a matter … Read more

Different types of whisky


Different types of whisky Its origin is Celtic and it was used to warm up when temperatures were low. It’s a distilled drink, made from one or more cereal grains, matured in barrels, of usually oak. Some call it “Whiskey”, mainly Americans and Irish, in Scotland and other regions it’s called “Whisky”. It has to … Read more

How is Whisky made?

como se hace el whisky

How is Whisky made? There are three raw materials to make whisky: water, barley and yeast. If there were no barley in the process, there wouldn’t be where to extract the sugar for the yeast fermentation. Water is the main element, where everything is going to be mixed, the chemical processes are going to be … Read more

How is Tequila made?


How is Tequila Made? The main ingredient in Tequila is the Blue Agave, a plant native of Mexico. Just like rum, the steps for their elaboration are the same. As this is a product with a controlled designation of origin, the body in charge of regulating the production of Tequila in Mexico is the Tequila … Read more

How to distill alcohol at home?

mejores calderas de maceracion caseras

How to distill alcohol at home? First of all, depending on the legislation of the country where you are, it will or will not be legal to distill alcohol. In Spain, at least, distillation in a particular way is allowed as long as it is for personal consumption, because the consumption of alcoholic beverages made … Read more

How is Rum made?

Como se hace el ron

How is Rum made? Rum is a spirit drink that is obtained through alcoholic fermentation and distillation of cane juice or molasses. This is a thick dark brown liquid, a product of sugar cane crystallization. It’s used mainly as feed for livestock, elaboration of sweets and as raw material for rum There are no historical … Read more

Rum: A Caribbean product


Rum: A Caribbean product Rum’s history, is the history of a beverage intertwined with the Caribbean historical development. Associated with this drink, the development of the plantation economy (sugar cane); the transplant of the African population to the Caribbean (the slave trade); the introduction of new species of plant and wildlife (ecological imbalance) and the … Read more

What is Vodka and how is it made?


What is Vodka and how is it made? Vodka is a Spirit drink that is obtained through fermented vegetables or grains distillation. The origin of the word Vodka comes from the Slavic word Voda, which in some sense means watery. Like the majority of spirits drinks, its origin is medical, it was used to relief … Read more

What is Brandy and how is it made?

Mejor brandy español

What is Brandy and how is it made? Brandy is a spirit drink that has fermented juice of any fruit as raw material, although fermented grape juice is most common, that is, wine. Brandy is then a distillate of wine. If you want to know more about distillation, visit our article how to distill alcohol … Read more