How is Rum made?

Como se hace el ron

How is Rum made? Rum is a spirit drink that is obtained through alcoholic fermentation and distillation of cane juice or molasses. This is a thick dark brown liquid, a product of sugar cane crystallization. It’s used mainly as feed for livestock, elaboration of sweets and as raw material for rum There are no historical … Read more

Which is the best Santa Teresa Rum?

Where to buy Santa Teresa Rum online in ? Rum Santa Teresa history begins in Venezuela’s central region, in a warm place with the perfect weather conditions for growing sugar cane. La Hacienda Santa Teresa was founded in 1796, by Count Martín Tovar Ponte, who named the lands in honour of the patroness “Santa Thereza”; … Read more

Which is the best cheap rum in 2024?

ron barato

Which are the 5 best cheap rums quality-price in ? Rum is one of the most popular aged drinks that exist, the best white rum brands are made in Central America and the Caribbean, they have been spread over the world by famous cocktails such as the Cuba Libre, Mojito, and Daiquiri. The best cheap rums … Read more

which is the best Zacapa Rum in 2024?

Ron Zapaca

Which is the best Zacapa Rum in ? Zacapa Rum is produced on Guatemala and distributed by Diageo. The land of the ancient Mayans has a diverse geography with several volcanos and diverse microclimates that contribute to the complexity of these rums. Tropical weather and its volcanic soil, rich in nutrients, make an ideal place … Read more