Which is the best Santa Teresa Rum?

Which are the most Popular Santa Teresa’s Rums?

Rum Santa Teresa history begins in Venezuela’s central region, on a warm place with the perfect weather conditions for growing sugar cane.

La Hacienda Santa Teresa was founded on 1796, by Count Martín Tovar Ponte, who named the lands in honor of the patroness “Santa Thereza”; years after it was the stage for the historic ratification of the country’s Slavery Abolition.

Today La Hacienda Santa Teresa is an agro industrial complex where the premiere brand of Venezuelan rum is produced. Inside its facilities we find the distillery and the private cellar where the brand’s rums are aged.

On 1955 their first modern age products where: Carta Roja, Carta Blanca, and Popular. Years later, on 1958 the Ron Gran Reserva is released.

Through the years the distillery has released many mixtures which have long ago disappeared, including the Ron Extra Añejo and the Select Bicentenario.

Today, three aged rums are what make up the distillery’s product line, those are the Ron Super Premium Santa Teresa 1976, Santa Teresa Linaje and Santa Teresa Gran Reserva.

These, along with the specialized type rum Rhum Orange, make up their exportation class rums. If you want to know more about rum, then don’t miss our articles on how is rum made and the types of rum.

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Comparative table between Santa Teresa’s Rum


Santa Teresa
1796 Rum

Santa Teresa
Rum Gran Reserva

Santa Teresa
Rum Claro
OriginVenezuelan RumVenezuelan RumVenezuelan Rum
Type of RumPremiumGoldenWhite
AgeBetween 4 & 36 years old3 years oldNo age declaration
Smell and TasteHints of honey and dark chocolateFruity, with burning notesIt lets out dark chocolate and nut flavours
SummaryWhat makes it stand out is being easy to drinkPerfect for mixtures with soda and fruit juicePerfect for mixing with soda or gas water.
Price Price Price


Santa Teresa 1796

Produced in La Hacienda Santa Teresa on the central region of Venezuela, it is born from the blend of rums aged between 4 and 35 years.

Santa Teresa 1796 Rum

Santa Teresa 1796 is made with the ancient method solera, an artisan process that makes use of oak barrels, traditionally reserved for brandy and Spanish sherry.

It is an aged rum, with a firm, but delicate body. It has an amber reddish color, with a fruity scent, as well as hints of honey and dark chocolate.

With a mellow and complex flavor, where tobacco, leather, toasted and smoked notes can be found; attributes given to it by the oak where it is aged.

What makes it stand out is being easy to drink, even if you’re not used to dry beverages. For some, its weak side is that the smoky notes are lost very quickly.

Santa Teresa 1796 profile:

Eyes: reddish amber color, with abundant fizzle.

Nose: fruity, with honey and dark chocolate notes.

Palate: Mellow and complex, with tobacco, leather, toasted and smoked notes. Balanced by the solera aging method.

Suggestion: perfect to be drank pure, on the rocks? or with gas water.


  • Easy to drink
  • Very soft
  • Good for drinking by itself
  • A very soft aroma
  • For security, sealing wax.


  • The woody taste disappears quickly


Santa Teresa Gran Reserva

It started being sold in 1983, released in the moment for the class with the most purchasing power, today the blend hasn’t changed much since those days.

Santa Teresa Gran Reserva Rum

Considered a premium among rums, aged during five years in oak barrels.

It is an aged rum, with a shining golden color, light and soft but with a character that lets the oak taste be felt very pronouncedly.

Ron Santa Teresa Gran Reserva Profile:

Eyes: shining, luminous golden amber color

Nose: fruity and maturated, with a savor that reminds of sugar cane.

Palate: Fruity, with burning notes, a perfect combination of oak and the freshness of fruit. Its body is light; smooth and silky to the palate.

Suggestion: Perfect for mixtures with soda and fruit juice.


  • Excellent for cocktails


  • Too strong for dry drinking
  • A strong alcohol smell


Santa Teresa Claro Rum

This is a premium rum, born from the blend of great quality aged rums. Its bottle indicates that it comes from the same linage as the Gran Reserva.

Santa Teresa Claro Rum

The Claro rum stands out for being a perfect combination with gas and soda drinks, or fruit juices.

It has some new attributes; it is aged for at least three years in white American oak barrels.

Spicy with woody and nut notes, it has a robust body, complex and lingering on the palate.

Santa Teresa Linaje profile:

Eyes: a very dark, intense amber color, abundant fizzle

Nose: sweet almond smell with wood notes

Palate: round, starts out sweet, and lingering and bitter on the finish. It lets out dark chocolate and nut flavours

Suggestion: perfect for mixing with soda or gas water.


  • Perfect for cocktails


  • Can leave you with a hangover
  • It can be too strong by itself, or even with ice.



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