Types of rums

What are the most consumed types of rums?

If you’re a rum lover like me, you should know that there are different types of rums and styles produced all over the world.

Generally, the spirits are tied to a place or designation of origin: Cognac is produced in a specific region in France, Tequila is from Mexico and Bourbon is from Kentucky.

Rum doesn’t have that particularity, it’s produced in nearly every country of Central America and the Caribbean; but also all over the world in more than 80 countries.

The rum production process begins with the cane juice fermentation, which is then distilled, mixed and matured with various techniques. It can be classified in diverse categories according to the obtained result.

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Let’s learn a little about the world’s most popular types of rums.

White Rum

It´s a colorless result, it can become yellowish, these types of rums are mostly used to create cocktails that don’t need an overpowering rum flavor. The most common it’s for them to be bottled at 40° alcoholic strength by volume.

They’re usually aged from one to two years, then are filtered to remove the color. Due to them not being aged for a long time, they’re cheaper to produce and less expensive to buy.


They’re especially known in drinks such as Mojito, Piña Colada, and Daiquiri. Almost always you’ll see a White Rum in one of these; although they can also be made with Golden, Dark or Spiced Rum.

The most popular brands of rum are Bacardi Carta Blanca, Pampero Blanco Rum, Diplomatico Blanco Rum, Matusalem Platino, Brugal Blanco Supremo, Barceló Platinum, Rum Nation Limited White and Flor de Caña Extraseco.

Golden Rum

Golden-rumThese types of rums that over time the rum spends in the barrel, turn softer and take on the golden color given by wood.

These golden rums have a higher profile than white ones, they’re commonly used in cocktails that have more rum than any other ingredient.

They´re matured for a few years longer than white rums and it’s possible that some food dye is added to obtain that particular shine.

According to the barrel type, it may have different notes, but it’s normal for them to have vanilla, almond, caramel, or coconut flavors.

There are also those who drink it neat or on the rocks, although it’s not the only use they have, it’s very common to use them in desserts and pastries in general.

Economically speaking, they’re more accessible than more matured rums. The most popular brands of these rums are Ron Cacique Añejo, Diplomático Añejo Rum, Matusalem Clásico, Brugal Añejo, Flor de Caña Añejo and Ron Santa Teresa Añejo.

Dark Rum

The term dark rum is simply used to differentiate it from white and golden rum, many matured rums are known with this denomination. They’re aged in oak barrels for a longer time, which gives them more flavor and character.


These can be drunk neat or on the rocks, when used in cocktails they offer a different contrast to light rums. A cocktail with this have a stronger flavor where the rum is definitely the protagonist.

We can find dark rum brands like: Diplomático Añejo, Bacardi Select, Barceló Dorado, Matusalem Classico and Santa Teresa 1796.

Black Rum

Made from sugarcane molasses, it’s darker, with a lot of body. They’re widely used in baking and in the confectionery industry.

These are matured in charred oak barrels, which is why the intense black color. However, they’re very popular in English territories such as Bermuda, Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands, and Guyana. the most popular brands are Coruba and Whaler’s Dark.

Premium Aged Rum

The longer the rum spends in the barrels, the more flavor and added complexity it’ll have. They represent the finest and matured rums of the distilleries, they’re smoked and rich in nuances.

They represent the most matured and finest types of rums in distilleries, it’s common that they’re obtained from blends of different barrels to make more complex drinks. The cost of storage and the loss of alcohol through evaporation make them more expensive than others.


You’ll see them identified on the rum’s bottle label with the word “Anejo”, they can be enjoyed alone or on the rocks, they have nothing to envy to a Cognac or a Brandy. It’s used in fine desserts and many cocktail recipes in which quality rum is required.

Depending on which barrels it’s aged, it can have dark, bright or even reddish tones.

You can find bottles identified as Premium, Extra-Premium, Ultra-Premium; It means that these have more rigorous quality controls and blends of rums with more than 21 years of aging.

The most popular aged rums are Zapaca Centenario, Barceló Imperial, Diplomático Reserva exclusiva, Flor de Caña 18 and Zapaca Centenario Solera 23.

Vintage Rum

While most types of aged rums come from the blend of different crops before being bottled, these are born from specific blends of a specific year.

You’ll see them identified on the bottle as “Vintage”, they tend to be limited editions, which have value for collectors or rum lovers.


Because each harvest is different each year, each edition may have different flavors, which may depend on the weather conditions or even external factors such as ripening.

For example, the Plantation Venezuela 1992 and 1998 Rum, Plantation Jamaica 2005, El Dorado 25 Años, and the J.M Rhum.

Overproof Rum

It refers to those types of rums that are bottled with higher alcohol concentrations. Normal consumption rum is distilled to separate it from its non-alcoholic components, then it is diluted with water so that it has the standard alcohol concentrations.

They´re popular in the Caribbean islands where natives prefer stronger drinks, they’re also used for cooking, to make the famous flambées, rum punches or very specific cocktails.

Agricultural Rum

It’s the designation of origin of the types of rums produced in the French-dominated areas of the Caribbean, although similar rums are also produced in other areas. It’s fermented, distilled from fresh and pure sugar cane juice; bottled at high alcoholic percentages, which gives it a lot of cane flavor.


There are agricultural rums of all types, white and aged. However, they are not identified on the bottle, the denomination of controlled origin is similar to the agricultural controls of production, maturation and bottling that champagne and Cognac have.

Spiced Rum

They are the types of rums that are intervened, they are mixed with spices such as seeds, roots, leaves or tree bark.


The infusion with these offers a wide range of flavors, which are very appetizing for cocktails in general and pastries.

The most common mixes for flavoring spiced rums are ginger root, vanilla seeds, pepper, cinnamon, anise, and cloves; fruit juices such as coconut, mango, pineapple, banana, and other tropical fruits are also used.

Also, creamy rum-based drinks, which combine flavors, are considered spiced rums.

The most popular brands are Captain Morgan, Bacardi Limon, Malibu Coconut Rum, Montecristo, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, and Sailor Jerry.


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