What’s the best wine?

What’s the best wine?

There is only one right answer to this question, the one you like the most!Wine

Any appreciation regarding taste is subjective and beyond everything that what experts can say about a wine, the most important thing is that it’s your liking.

The most important thing is the taste and how pleasant it can be. Each one of us has our own taste and we may like very different wines.

The wine you like the most will always be the best.

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What is wine?

Wine can be defined in many ways. Basically, wine is fermented grape juice.what-es-wine

Technically, it’s the product obtained from the total or partial alcoholic fermentation of freshly harvested grapes, pressed or not. Or from grape must.

From the chemical point of view, wine is a beverage that comes from the fermentation of yeast cells, and in some cases, from the lactic bacteria cells of the crushed grape cells juice.

But in reality, it’s much more than that, it’s to enjoy, to remember what each of you associates to a glass of wine.

It has been linked to men’s history since its beginning, and has accompanied him in the weakness and greatness.

To believers, Jesus turned water into wine at Cana’s weddings; in Greek mythology, the god of wine Dionysius, son of Zeus and Semele; and Hippocrates assured that wine was an admirable thing appropriate to a man, both in health and in disease.

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How can you know more about wines?

Drinking! This is the best way to acquire a taste for wine. The rest you can do is a complement to this, you have to inform yourself about what you are drinking and become aware of it.

Every time you try one, is important to know where did it come from, what grape it’s made from, what year it is, etc…

This to establish a reference point to then being able to compare it with other wines.

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How is wine made?

Without extending much the procedure, wine is made by pressing the grapes and allowing the must (unfermented grape juice that may or may not contain solid parts of the grape) to ferment to transform the sugar of the fruit into alcohol.

It’s a much more complex process than this, and it requires very rigorous production techniques and care to obtain a good quality wine.

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What are the types of wine?

According to its elaboration, wine can be classified as:

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Is wine produced in all parts of the world?

No, for the cultivation of the grape (vitis vinifera) with which the wine is made, certain climatological and meteorological conditions are necessary.

The main wine-producing countries are from 30º latitude north or south of Ecuador. In the northern hemisphere they are between 30º and 51º north.

In the southern hemisphere it ranges from 30º to 45º south.best-wine

There are some exceptions like Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Venezuela, in America; Zimbabwe and Madagascar, in Africa; and India and China, in Asia.

What are the main wine-producing countries of the world?

The top 10 countries of the world where wine is produced, based on the hectoliters produced per year are: France, Spain, Italy, United States, Argentina, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Portugal and Chile.



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