which is the best Zacapa Rum in 2024?

Which is the best Zacapa Rum in 2024?

Zacapa Rum is produced on Guatemala and distributed by Diageo. The land of the ancient Mayans has a diverse geography with several volcanos and diverse microclimates that contribute to the complexity of these rums.

Tropical weather and its volcanic soil, rich in nutrients, make an ideal place for cultivating great sugar cane.

Rum Zacapa stands out from other rums as it uses exclusively the first press of sugar cane, known as virgin honey.

It could be said that it is unique for the preparation of all of its rums, and with good reason many believe that these are the best rums in the world. Personally, I agree with them.

Another particular characteristic of Rum Zacapa is that they’re aged at 2.300 meters above sea level, under the distilling method solera and in the cellar known as “The house over the clouds” or “La casa por encima de las nubes”.

The artisanal blending and aging method is managed by Brewer Master Lorena Vasquez; recognized world-wide for her work and dedication, as well as for being among the few expert women on the industry.

All bottles are garnished with a petate band knitted by hand by the women from an indigenous community, direct descendants of the Mayans, representing the unity of earth and heaven.

Up next, I’ll present the main Zacapa rums, all of which are synonymous with effort, quality, and dedication.

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Zacapa Rum Centenario 23 Solera: The best high quality rum


This is a Guatemalan rum, originate from Quetzaltenango, a mountainous zone in the west where the Santa Maria Volcano is located. Zacapa Centenario 23 Solera Rum is aged to perfection, at a height of 2.300 meters above sea level.

It is an aged type of rum, made from the blend of six to twenty-three years old rums. It has been awarded as the best rum for five consecutive years in the International Rum Tasting and it has been included in the Rum’s all of.

Has a dark mahogany colour with dark red tones. It has vanilla, honey, nut, smoky, and orange peel aromas. With a spectacular flavour where hints of mellow caramel, oak with spices, and raisins can be found.

It stands out for its taste, I could even have breakfast with it, complex and very easy to drink.

It’s very hard for me to find any disadvantages, maybe the price, but honestly its worth every euro you’re spending for it.

I recommend drinking pure or with a bit of ice in a short glass, you’ll be able to appreciate the aroma better. However, some recommend it in cocktails, it’s just a matter of trying different things, you’ll find out how to enjoy it the most.

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Zacapa Rum Xo Rum Centenario: The best Guatemalan rum


The Zacapa Xo Rum Centenario rum comes from a blend of six to twenty-five-year-old rums, it goes even beyond, it uses sugar cane’s first press and finishes its aging inside French oak barrels that once had cognac.

It looks like reddish mahogany, thanks to a slow maturation. Its smell is sweet with plum and date fruit notes; with a lingering spicy fruit taste.

The Zacapa rum stands out from its smoothness. Really a masterpiece among rums, it’s considered an ultra-premium aged rum.

Its weak point, depending on your point of view, is its price. However, despite its price it’s a really wonderful rum.

I recommend drinking with a short glass, if nothing else if you would like to enjoy a nice pure drink, then go ahead, you’ll be delighted.

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Zapaca Rum Centenario Royal: the best rum to drink neat

It is a premium rum made from blending rums aged from eight to thirty years; unlike fellow rums it is maturated in barrels from French oak from “Le Bois du Roi”.

It is very delicate, with slow maturation which gives it a complexity of aromas and a unique character. Stands out for being very stylish, definitely made for special occasions.

It has a dark, reddish amber colour. With pronounced citric and caramel notes.

What’s this rum weak point? Well, it doesn’t have any, I’ve loved it every time I drank it. Even if it’s costly, it’s a well worth it experience.

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Zapaca Rum Black edition: the cheapest rum

This Zacapa rum gets its inspiration from Guatemala’s nature, it comes from a blend of rums aged for six to twenty-three years with the solera method.

Aged in such a way that it sticks to the walls of the glass, it has a dark mahogany color with hints of red when exposed to light.

It has a mellow caramel, spicy oak, and raisins flavour; these appear thanks to the complexity of the brew and the height at which is made.

It stands out for having an oaky and fruity taste, with a smooth aroma. This is an aromatic rum, recommended being drunk pure or with a bit of ice to get a better feel of its aroma and savor.

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Comparative between Zapaca’s Rums 

Zapaca Rum
Solera 23

Zapaca Rum
Xo Edition

Zapaca Rum
Royal Edition

Zapaca Rum
Black Edition
Type of rumPremium
Age23 years old25 years old30 years old24 years old
Smell and tasteHints of mellow caramel,
oak with spices and
raisins can be found
A lingering spicy
fruit taste
Citric and
caramel notes
It has a mellow caramel,
spicy oak
and raisins flavour
SummaryIt stands out for its taste.
complex and very easy to drink.
Despite its price it’s a
really wonderful rum
it’s a well
worth it experience
It stands out for having an
oaky and fruity taste
with a smooth aroma
Price Price Price Price Price


Where to buy Rum Zacapa online in 2024?

In order to buy Rum Zacapa online, the Guatemalan rum, the best and fastest way is Amazon UK, as is possible to find any rum brand online.

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